Serveware Set

Easybake 12 Cup Muffin Pan

US $ 19.00

Muffins are very similar to cup cakes with a very small difference that cup cakes are sweet and made..

Large Lagoon Blue Wood Salad Bowl

US $ 30.00

The Large Lagoon Blue Wood Salad Bowl is a product crafted from mango wood. Mango wood is a product ..

Round Baking Pan

US $ 17.00

Baking pans are pans especially used for baking food. These are pans with flat bottoms and sides str..

Vanilla Pods

US $ 15.00

Vanilla is derived from orchids and is mostly used in flavoring. It’s one of the basic species used ..

White Coupe Serving Bowl

US $ 13.00

Porcelain kitchen ware is always a must have in every house. Be it cookware or serve ware, they port..

White Porcelain 4-Section Tasting Trays, Set of 6

US $ 18.00

Tasting trays are a new venture that helps to taste many things at the same time. It caters very wel..

White Stacking Bowl, Set of 6

US $ 18.00

In today’s life, entertaining people has become an important part of our life. When there is a gathe..

Wood Pineapple Salad Serving Bowl

US $ 30.00

Mango wood is a kind of wood that helps to craft and shape as you wish to. The color and texture of ..

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