Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy is updated now please go through thoroughly to stay cognizant.


Mysaverday operates the site The terms like “We”, “Us” or “Our” defines the company and other terms like “You” or “Your” commands the users and other visitors who are reading this. In accordance with the site, the users ought to accept the site's norms, else they would be denied from using it in any practice.


We may ask you for your contact information that could be used to contact you at the time of delivery of purchased merchandise. This is usually asked while creating an account or subscribing. You are allowed to choose to share or not to share your private information with us. Personal details include your name, contact number, email address, postal address, area code (PIN), etc. Your Credit Card details are asked after the checkout only.


We collect IP address when a visitor uses our site. This is done through cookies. We use cookies for the betterment of your browsing experience. Though, getting to know your IP address does not allow us to collect your personal identity.


We do not circulate any of your private details with any third party except they are involved in additional processes of commerce. For example, without the dispatcher services we cannot let your package reach your doorstep, and for that, the included authorities need to have your name, contact number and postal address, provided that their job gets over once their task is accomplished.


We also send emails across our users and/or subscribers if we want to make contact with them OR want to share some important details such as special deals, offers, monthly or weekly newsletters, and so on. You may also unsubscribe if do not want to be in contact with us anymore.


You may contact our customer support for more details or further queries through the Contact Us form, Email id, contact number or postal address.